Quality Control

Key ProcessXRD Control Point
Inner layerLine width tolerance with 10%, 100% AOI inspection
LaminationMeasure the board and dielectric thickness fully
Drilling100% bottom board inspection with X-Ray inspection machine
PTHBack-light test; 100% Hole inspection test
PPAutomatic CU thickness recording
Do cross-section and CMI inspection
Out layer patternCCD register
Line width/space deviation within 2 mil
Out layer 100% AOI inspection
Solder MaskControl accuracy +/-2mil with CCD
CNCMeasure the dimension with 3D machine
E-test4wires micro-resistance testing to assure hole quality
FQCUse AVI to check cosmetic
Reliable TestingMeasure board edge coupon to check hole wall quality

IPC standardXRD Controlled
Solder mask thicknessOnly require  uniform appearance over the base material surface , conductor side and edgesCover the conductor edges over 8um thickness
CleanlinessIPC 600 not define the requirementCan control the  cleanliness requirements
Less 5ug NaCl/inch2
RoughnessNot reduce the hole diameter below  minimum requirementsThe roughness less 1.2mil
FlatnessFor printed  boards using surface
Mount components , the bow and twist  shall be 0.75% or less
For all other boards blow and twist
Shall  be 1.5% or less
We can control  under  0.5% for SMT board
Others  require less 1.2%
Nail headingNail head is considered an indicator of process or design variatioA/B  less 1.5

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